The Alpenblick Oberstaufen MONDI-HOLIDAY hotel is nestled in the beautiful, dreamlike alpine upland on the southern slope of Oberstaufen – where the Allgäu is most beautiful.

The Alpenblickhotel is the ideal point of departure for splendid day tours across passes of Allgäu and Tirol while driving around picturesque lakes. With its breathtaking panoramas and roads, winding curves, refreshing lakes, cosy restaurants and high mountains, this marvellous piece of Earth guaranties unforgettable experiences and moments of joy throughout your tours!

The hotel facilities include ten houses built in the alpine style, offering diverse fitness, wellness and sports opportunities for your holiday in Allgäu.

Please click one of the following buttons in order to learn more about the Allgäu country touring paradise. Just a little warning before you click the “ALPINE MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES” button – get perfectly ready to some of the most spectacular views in the Alpine touring paradise... Emotions and goosebumps guaranteed. Clicking the “ALPINE MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES” button opens a short video clip showing a breathtaking motorbike cruise straight through the Alps, over three countries and along several unquestionable highlights that are a real must for every biker to be seen at least once in life. How wonderful that our most beautiful MONDI-HOLIDAY hotels & chalets are located exactly along that route…

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MONDI quality standards for touring drivers

The MONDI quality standards for touring drivers provide for an excellent touring holiday!

  • Availability of carefully developed tour & road books
  • GPS tours for download for Navis
  • Programme for days without tours (sport, culture, events)
  • Free WLAN
  • Mechanic’s kit with toolbox
  • Cleaning kit (on request)
  • Garage and/or roofed parking spaces (also for trailers)
  • Drying room for biker clothes
  • Tire service by local company (on request)
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Alpenblickhotel Oberstaufen
4,0 from 5 Stars - TripAdvisor
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